6 Reasons Why Eating Porridge for Breakfast is Beneficial for Your Health

Looking for a healthy breakfast option but aren’t willing to compromise on taste? 

Kapiva has the ideal fix for you. What if we bring to you the perfect type of Indian Porridge that has desi flavours with the right amount of nutrition? Well yes, it is possible! The all-new Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix, a nutritious ayurvedic breakfast porridge is an ideal blend of Taste + Good Health. Eating porridge for breakfast gives you a nutritional boost, which helps you prepare for the day ahead.


Each savoury bite contains the wellness of 4 supergrains infused with the goodness of ayurvedic herbs. This ayurvedic breakfast porridge is ready to cook, has no added flavours and treats your taste buds with homestyle masala flavours. Amongst the many options available in the market, Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix seems to be one that puts together taste + wellness and most importantly contains the power of Ayurvedic herbs. 


For a healthy lifestyle, one cannot neglect the importance of adopting nutritious meals. Our Indian porridge has been formulated to serve this purpose rightfully. Eating porridge for breakfast gives you a nutritional boost, which helps you prepare for the day ahead. It indeed has plenty of reasons to be an integral part of your diet. Read on to know the magical benefits of porridge for your health. Adopt Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix as your go-to snacking option and celebrate the joy of good health every day!

  • Blend of Superfoods and Ayurvedic Herbs

When superfoods are coupled with ayurvedic herbs, they yield benefits you wouldn’t want to miss. 4 superfoods – Oats, Green Gram, Amaranth, and Ragi and 3 ayurvedic herbs – Tulsi, Amla and Turmeric come together to create the yummiest breakfast. It is a go-to meal that leverages the power of Ayurveda and provides nutrition through every bite you take.

  • Powerhouse of Immunity

Packed with the goodness of immune-boosting ayurvedic herbs, Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix supplements your body with nutrients such as Vitamin A, C and Zinc required for a stronger immune system. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that guards you against illnesses and elevates your resistance to the toughest of ailments. Daily consumption can manifest great results. Amidst a pandemic, it is needless to say, this is one of the greatest benefits of eating porridge for breakfast

  • Satiates Hunger Pangs

Rich in fibre content, Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix helps you feel full for hours thereby reducing the urge to snack. Our breakfast porridge has 1.5x higher protein and 2.5x more fibre than 100g upma, poha and oatmeals. It is a healthy dose of nutrition that keeps hunger pangs at bay. 

  • Nutrition Booster

Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix is a great way to kickstart your days with a burst of energy. It is highly rich in essential protein and supplements the body with daily nutritional requirements. Our breakfast porridge has 1.5x higher protein and 2.5x more fibre than 100g upma, poha and oatmeals. Each serve has 6g of protein and 5g of fibre, this breakfast porridge is filled with everything it takes to keep you energetic throughout the day. 


  • Lip-smacking Indian Flavours

What sets Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix apart from regular breakfast porridge is the Indian homestyle flavours that it has in every morsel. While it offers a myriad of benefits for your body its tangy taste is sure to gratify your taste buds. It desi flavours will make you crave for it every day!

  • Instant 3-Minute Meal

In a busy life, it is difficult to find time for health routines. Is that your concern? Worry not, with Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix, you can fit good health into your schedule in a jiffy. During a rush hour or while multitasking, this breakfast porridge is handy anytime. Just empty one sachet of Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix in a pan or bowl. Add 180ml of water (fill water till the dotted line shown on the pouch) and let it simmer or microwave respectively for 3 minutes.

Bottom Line

Kapiva Masala Supergrain Mix is formulated to perfectly fit the modern fast-paced lifestyle. It is the first breakfast porridge that brings to you multigrains topped with the power of ayurvedic herbs. While you stay occupied with your daily chores, this Indian porridge will ensure it does its bit for your good health. The savoury test of this ayurvedic breakfast will keep your senses working in top form! 


It is suitable for all age groups, so relish every bite of this wholesome breakfast porridge which ensures taste and nutrition through every bite you take!

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