Simple Herbs For Rejuvenation

Simple Herbs For Rejuvenation

Who doesn’t wish for a youthful life? Rasayana or Rejuvenation is the answer to your question. It’s a traditional Ayurvedic therapy to restore the body’s vitality to its fullest capacity.

They say Rejuvenation is essential to your capacity to live creatively, happily and to inculcate inner growth.

When we use the word rejuvenation, which promotes long life in Ayurveda, we mean life extension as a side benefit to enjoying life. The Ayurvedic way of life ensures full human potential rather than simply adding a few good years.

Ayurveda teaches that if life is lived in accordance with prakriti, then a natural youthfulness is maintained throughout your life.

Traditional Ayurvedic herbs have remained an integral part of the Indian culture to live a healthy, disease free and youthful life.

Here are a few rejuvenating herbal supplements for living gracefully:


1. Kapiva’s Moringa + Detox Capsules – Our Moringa + Detox capsules are a must for those who live a stressful life. The capsule repairs and strengthens your immune system and provides protection against numerous infections. This capsule is manufactured from highly benefiting herbs, Moringa and Giloy. Moringa is extremely nutritious and rich in antioxidants. It also helps to lower Blood Sugar Levels, maintain Brain Health, control Cholesterol and reduce Inflammation. Giloy is a universal herb that helps boost Immunity. Made from the right combination of Moringa and Giloy, this capsule offers tremendous health benefits and rejuvenates the soul.


2. Kapiva’s Papaya + Anti-Oxidant Capsules – Antioxidants come up frequently in discussions about good health and preventing diseases. The benefits of antioxidants are very important to immunity, therefore Kapiva offers Papaya + Antioxidant capsules that act as immunity boosters. Made from Papaya and Cranberry, this capsule offers multiple benefits to your liver and immunity. Papaya detoxifies the liver and improves the digestive system and Cranberry is a great source of vitamins and antioxidants. Made from the perfect mixture of Papaya and Cranberry, the capsule will improve your platelet count and keep your liver healthy.


3. Kapiva’s Neem + Skin Glow Capsules – Increasing exposure to environmental pollution, UV rays and Stress is causing dullness and other skin problems. To maintain skin health and youthful glow Kapiva’s Neem + Skin glow capsules come in handy. These capsules are specially developed to offer amazing skin benefits and purifying your blood. Major ingredients of this product are Neem and Curcumin. Neem carries great properties to prevent acne, reduces redness and inflammation and also helps treat scars from acne. And Curcumin carries anti-inflammatory qualities that can target your pores and calm the skin. It is also known to reduce scarring. With the right mixture of Neem and Curcumin, this capsule will purify your blood, and protect against acne and other skin infections.


4. Kapiva’s Ashwagandha + Destress Capsules – Stress and anxiety have become common side effects of modern day living. Kapiva’s Ashwagandha + Destress capsules are a great solution to the same. It offers great benefits to the nervous system. The capsule can give you amazing results by calming your mind and strengthening your nervous system. This capsule mainly consists of two ingredients, Ashwagandha and Brahmi. Ashwagandha has great properties that help fight cancer and diabetes, prevent arthritis, asthma, hypertension, stress, and rheumatism. It also boosts the supply of antioxidants and regulates the immune system. Brahmi, on the other hand, is known as a nerve tonic to promote mental health, improve memory and intellect and to promote youthful vitality and longevity. With the right combination of Ashwagandha and Brahmi, the capsule offers multiple benefits to your body as well as to your nervous system.


5. Kapiva’s Milk Thistle + Anti-Aging Capsules – Have you ever dreamt of some magic pill which can slow down the ageing process and keep you young for long? Kapiva’s Milk Thistle + Anti-Aging capsule offer tremendous results to your skin and help you in keeping your skin young and supple. Milk Thistle helps support liver health, promotes skin health, reduces cholesterol, supports weight loss, reduces insulin resistance, limits the spread of cancer and supports bone health. On the other side, turmeric contains bioactive compounds with powerful medicinal properties and increases the antioxidant capacity of the body, which gives you smooth and shiny skin. Made from the combination of Milk Thistle and Turmeric, this capsule will work as an antioxidant and provides numerous benefits to keep your skin healthy.


6. Kapiva’s Spirulina + Nutrition Capsule –  This medicine builds your stamina and controls blood pressure & cholesterol. The capsule is made from two major ingredients – Spirulina and Moringa. Spirulina is a algae but the health benefits are tremendous. It contains vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-6, B-9, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin E therefore, known as a herbal superfood. The second ingredient – Moringa is a great source of nutrition. Made from the precise mixture of these two ingredients, this capsule offers great health benefits and provides nutrients to your body.

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    Health benefits of Spirulina
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    Thanks for sharing the nutrient supplement benefits moringa and spirulina is the best superfood that provides all the essentails vitamins and minerals. It is loaded with vitamins A, B with minerals like calcium, iron, fatty acids and fibers. There are other benefits of spirulina and moringa also and people should know it. thanks for sharing!

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