Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for common health ailments

Try some of these quick home remedies for Common Problems of Ear, Nose, Throat & Lungs

1.      Asthma
Take a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, mixed with a cup of fenugreek decoction, and add honey to taste. This mixture acts as an excellent expectorant when treating asthma.


2.      Cough & Asthma
Consume a mixture of ½ teaspoon of bay leaf powder, ¼ teaspoon of long pepper & 1 teaspoon of natural honey. Bay leaves are also beneficial for indigestion, abdominal pain and intestinal worms.


3.      Voice Hoarseness
Consume a ¼ teaspoon of black pepper powder with 1 teaspoon of clarified butter.


4.      Bad Breath
Rinse your mouth with lime juice, mixed with water to prevent bad breath.


5.      Cold
Boil a teaspoonful of ginger powder or eucalyptus leaves in one quart of water and inhale the steam. Congested nose? Apply eucalyptus oil to the sides of your nose, or inhale a pinch of calamus root powder in each nostril.


6.      Cough
Add a pinch of salt with two pinches of turmeric powder to one glass of warm water and gargle. Or, chew a clove with a piece of rock candy. Take basil decoction or basil juice with honey. If your cough has been troubling you for long, take ½ teaspoon of ginger powder, a pinch of clove with a pinch of cinnamon powder and honey in a cup of boiled water – drink this as tea.


7.      Earache
Use 3 drops of garlic oil in your affected ear. Make a mixture containing a teaspoon full of onion juice and ½ teaspoon of honey. Apply 5-10 drops into the affected ear.


8.      Ears Ringing
Apply 3 drops of clove oil in the affected ear.

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