Weight Loss Myths Busted

As soon as people find out that you are planning to or are already working on losing weight, they begin to bathe you with a plethora of tips. Most of the time these suggestions are either unproven, or completely useless, since they may not work at all. Here are some common myths you should unlearn:

  1. Weight Loss Supplements Alone Can Make You Lose Weight: The increase in weight loss pills and syrups has become massive in the fitness industry today. These are the ones that claim to cut down flab from the body and tone you down in just 30 days or less, without exercising or dieting. Even though these tend to work for some due to the placebo effect, supplements alone are not a solution.
  1. Just Eat Less / Just Move More: Even though eating smaller portions is important for shedding calories, the right kind of eating plan is also a very important part of weight loss. On the other hand, some people tend to go on a perfect weight loss diet but don’t exercise at all. This other extreme is an equally bad tactic. In reality, you need to strike a balance.
  1. Avoid Fats: Fats, just like proteins and carbohydrates, also have nutrients that are essential for good health, and all these foods have to be eaten in the right amounts together. Therefore, fats cannot be solely blamed for weight gain and blindly avoiding all fats can be dangerous.
  1. Completely Shun High Calorie Foods: If you think that you will have to abandon all your favourite foods forever in order to stay slim, then you need to not worry. Every now and then small amounts of your high-calorie favourite foods can and should be added to your diet plan. Moderation is the key when it comes to weight loss.
  1. Weight loss cannot take place once you are over 35: Age has nothing to do with weight loss! It is true that as you grow older your metabolism rate begins to decrease slowly, but that does not mean it completely switches off. With regular incorporation of moderate exercise and healthy eating, anybody, no matter what their age, can lose the excess weight and easily maintain the targeted weight.

What’s another fad or myth around weight loss you’ve heard? Tell us in the comments below!

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