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Say hello to Kapiva Stamina Recharge Combo which can fade away all your worries and improve your mental wellbeing. Both these products have anti-inflammatory properties. Both these products can calm your mind and body.
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Say hello to Kapiva Stamina Recharge Combo which can fade away all your worries and improve your mental wellbeing. Both these products have anti-inflammatory properties. Both these products can calm your mind and body.
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Are you fed up of processed food, impure ingredients and the lack of quality or authenticity?

We can relate to that.


Kapiva keeps principles of Ayurveda in mind.

Today, while Ayurveda is growing, the idea that Ayurveda is everything from the right lifestyle, the right routine, the right food and finally the right cure, is lost.


  • Kapiva Himalayn Shilajit - The pure Himalayan Shilajit acts as a natural energy booster and revitalizes you when you feel enervated.
  • Rich in fulvic acid, it helps boost strength, stamina, and vigour.
  • Kapiva Ashwagandha Fizz - Available In the form of an effervescent powder, this Ashwagandha effervescent supplement alleviates insomnia worries. It also calms your mind and improves concentration and focus.
  • This Ashwagandha effervescent supplement is available in a quick-dissolving powder form which makes it easy to use and ensures faster absorption than tablets or pills.

Why this Kapiva product?

  • Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit - We source our Shilajit from the higher altitudes of the majestic Himalayas, where the extreme conditions preserve Shilajit’s nutrients.
  • Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit is 100% pure & organic Shilajit. It contains no added flavours, colors or preservatives.
  • Kapiva Ashwagandha Fizz - Pour, Fizz, Drink! It’s that simple. The Ashwagandha effervescent powder comes in a pack of 20 individual sachets. Carry it along and consume the guilt-free, effervescent drink whenever you’re on-the-go.
  • Kapiva Ashwagandha Fizz is a low-calorie, sugar-free effervescent supplement which ensures taste and health in every sip you take! A very own Kapiva’s form of modern Yummyveda!

Founder’s note :

Founded in 2016, Kapiva was born out of the passion and minds of our two founders – Ameve Sharma and Shrey Badhani. From establishing Ayurvedic clinics to understanding the grass root challenges of modern India, our founders strongly believed that modern science can help people practice an Ayurvedic lifestyle better.

Did you know?

Did you know Garcinia peel contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that helps to restrict fat production? It is also responsible for the production of serotonin which can help in suppressing appetite naturally and help you consume less calories without feeling hungry.


A well known Ayurvedic herb, it increases stamina and improves muscle strength. It also has calming properties that may help combat stress.


Shilajit is sourced from the higher altitudes of the Himalayan mountains. It is a wonderful ingredient to boost stamina and revitalize your body.

  • Ashwagandha
  • Shilajeet

Why our customers love us?

How To Use

Take a pea-size of Shilajit powder, add it to a glass of water/milk and stir it for 5 seconds. Drink it once the Shilajit gets dissolved.
Open a sachet of Kapiva Ashwagandha Fizz and pour it into a glass filled with 150ml mild to cold water.
Consume within 5 minutes after mixing to enjoy the fizz.


How may sachets are present in Kapiva Ashwagandha Fizz?
Each pack contains 20 single-serve sachets of 5g each.
Is the Kapiva Hiamalayan Shilajit lab-tested?
Yes. Every batch of Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit goes through rigorous rounds of filtering to check it for heavy metals. It is then lab-tested to assure that it is safe to use. We deliver this purified and filtered Shilajit at your doorstep.
Which form of Shilajit is the best?
The solid form of Shilajit is the best one as it is procured naturally. We procure our Shilajit from the higher altitude mountains of Himalayas. We further purify it to make it free from heavy metals
What is the percentage of Fulvic acid present in the Himalayan Shilajit?
3.85% fulvid acid is present in Kapiva Himalayan Shilajit.
Is there any soda in Ashwagandha Fizz?
No. There is no soda in this product, the fizz is created because of the unique effervescent formula.

Product Details

Brand NameKapiva
Marketer Details with FSSAI Logo & Licence no.Adret Retail Pvt. Ltd. (Kapiva)
101, Notan Classic, Off Turner Road, Bandra (W), Mumbai - 400050, Maharashtra, India
Lic. No.: 10018022007987

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    Must-have for healthy morning and night routines

    Posted by Dileep Mishra on 16th Nov 2021

    My morning and night routine is incomplete without these two Ayurvedic products. Shilajit in morning recharges my energy levels throughout the day whereas Ashwagandha fizz is a perfect post-dinner delight that also helps to relieve stress.

  •   () 4
    Love the Zeera flavor of Fizz

    Posted by Saurabh Suman Yadav on 15th Nov 2021

    This is a perfect combination of Shilajit and Ashwagandha! Love having Fizz after dinner due to its delicious zeera flavour.

  •   () 4
    Boosts energy and mental calm

    Posted by Sumit Kumar Rai on 24th Oct 2021

    I love this combo and have been buying this for past 3 months!! It helps in enhancing my daily levels of energy as well as improving the overall mental well-being due to Ashwagandha fizz!

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