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With Aloe Vera, Caffeine, Curry Leaf & Alkanet Roots, this aromatic shampoo is free from paraben & sulphates. It is effective to initiate new hair growth and minimize hair fall.



Hair fall control, cleansing, anti-dandruff shampoo is safe for all hair types

Kapiva Onion Shampoo is carefully crafted to ensure the maximum possible benefits to your hair and scalp. It contains onions from Uttar Pradesh, coffee grounds from Karnataka and curry leaves from Tamil Nadu. These ingredients are blended together in perfect proportions to help control hair loss, strengthen and nourish hair roots that make the hair beautiful and shiny. Our shampoo does not contain any added sulphates or parabens and is safe for everyone to use.

  • Helps control hair fall, thinning and breakage 
  • Fights dandruff and other scalp irritations 
  • Safe for all hair types, as well as coloured and treated hair
  • Promotes hair growth and nourishes hair follicles 



Benefits of Onions

Onions have numerous properties that help keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Contains Curry Leaves 

Curry Leaves are a rich source of beta-carotene, which helps prevent breakage and thinning.

Coffee Content

Coffee contains caffeine, which stimulates hair roots and helps promote growth and shine. 

Safe for All Hair Types 

It is safe to use on all hair textures, as well as treated or coloured hair.


Fights Dandruff

Onions are antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. This helps in fighting infections of the scalp and keeping your scalp healthy. Our shampoo helps to eliminate dandruff and reduces itchiness and irritation of the scalp. 

Helps Control Hair Fall

It restores cuticle health, which helps reduce the likelihood of breakage due to the tangles and roughness. Onions are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that boost the blood circulation, thereby promoting the growth of new hair follicles and combating hair loss and thinning.

Moisturizes Your Hair

It moisturizes your roots and hydrates your scalp to give you shiny, healthy hair. It helps to soften the hair and repairs moisture loss due to heat styling and blow drying. It also helps to repair damage done by UV rays. 

Anti-ageing Effect

Onions are naturally potent antioxidants, which help to slow down the effects of ageing such as graying of hair. They also help improve blood circulation, which helps keep your hair thick and voluminous for longer.


Massage the shampoo into the roots of your hair

Run it down to your tips

Work up some lather and rinse with water


ONION EXTRACT- Made from red onions, this oil is quite effective for reduce hairfall and initiate new hair regrowth.

ALOE VERA- Our Aloe Vera is pulped within 4 hours of harvesting the leaves as the nutritional profile of it keeps decreasing with time. Known as the 'Lily of the Desert', this plant is great for digestion and skin-related issues.

CURRY LEAVES- Curry leaves or Kadipatta are aromatic herbs commonly used in South Indian dishes. It IS known to prevent premature graying of hair.

COFFEE BEANS- A coffee bean is a seed of the coffee plant. Coffee oil increases blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates the roots of the hair.

Kapiva Onion Shampoo is Beneficial to All

Onions are a popular kitchen staple that are used in everyday cooking. However, they have a wide range of hair-related properties as well. It is extremely rich in essential vitamins and minerals, which help minimize hair thinning and breakage. It helps regenerate hair follicles and boosts hair growth. Our shampoo is made from organically grown ingredients and does not contain any added chemicals. It is safe for all hair types.


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