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KAPIVA AMLA JUICE 1 L (PACK OF 3) 660.00 561.00



In Collaboration with L4TA: 100% Pure Moringa Honey From The Himalayan Foothills

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Exclusively presented in association with our health & wellness expert Amit Vaidya, who for the first time ever has put his name behind a product.


This limited edition, limited quantity Moringa Honey is 100% pure honey extracted from the flowers of moringa (drumstick) trees. Combining the potency of pure wild honey with the nutrient-dense moringa creates something extraordinary. Neither pasteurized, nor heated or processed, this honey truly contains the best of antioxidants, enzymes, and minerals.


“I’m thankful to be working with Kapiva to introduce households to health products that are often outside our day to day reach. We are offering a part of nature only made available by nature itself. For me, local is key and this Moringa Honey is India’s own version of Manuka Honey. I look forward to continuing this association with Kapiva and introducing limited range products, many that have personally benefitted me on my own road to healing.”


Packaged in a beautiful wooden box, this Moringa Honey is the perfect gift for your own wellness, or that of your family and friends. Only a few thousand kilos of this honey is available for sale every year, hence this is a limited edition, limited quantity product, available only for a short duration.


Note: For delivery outside India, please contact us on with “Moringa Honey Order” in the subject line.


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NUTRIENT DENSE: Contains extremely high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, essential amino acids and enzymes. Honey is generally considered great as an anti-inflammatory compound. These benefits are amplified in this Pure Moringa Honey.

PURE & WILD: Processed and filtered honeys lose their potency as the pollens and enzymes are removed, leaving behind sugar content. This honey is unfiltered and delivered straight from nature, thus retaining all its goodness.

VERSATILE USES: Use it in your morning cuppa, spread on some toast or lavash, use it as an antiseptic or just drink with warm water on an empty stomach. There are many ways to realize the benefits of honey.

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