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Say goodbye to hair issues with a potent combination of 4 Ayurvedic herbs and 8 vitamins. Kapiva Hairfall Defense Combo improves hair health by controlling hair fall & providing an authentic source of biotin.

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Say goodbye to hair issues with a potent combination of 4 Ayurvedic herbs and 8 vitamins. Kapiva Hairfall Defense Combo improves hair health by controlling hair fall & providing an authentic source of biotin.

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Are you fed up of processed food, impure ingredients and the lack of quality or authenticity?

We can relate to that.


Kapiva keeps principles of Ayurveda in mind.

Today, while Ayurveda is growing, the idea that Ayurveda is everything from the right lifestyle, the right routine, the right food and finally the right cure, is lost.


  • Kapiva Hair Care Juice provides essential nutrients to enhance hair health.
  • Kapiva Hair Care Juice has Ashwagandha that can strengthen and revitalize hair.
  • Kapiva Biotin Powder contains 10,000 mcg natural biotin.
  • Kapiva Biotin Powder is infused with a blend of 7 superfoods.

Why this Kapiva product?

  • Kapiva Hair Care Juice uses a chemical free, water-based extraction process.
  • Kapiva Hair Care Juice is manufactured in GMP-Certified facilities.
  • Kapiva Biotin Powder is formulated using plant-based ingredients.
  • Kapiva Biotin Powder is vegan, gluten-free and contains Ayurvedic herbs.

Founder’s note :

Founded in 2016, Kapiva was born out of the passion and minds of our two founders – Ameve Sharma and Shrey Badhani. From establishing Ayurvedic clinics to understanding the grass root challenges of modern India, our founders strongly believed that modern science can help people practice an Ayurvedic lifestyle better.

Did you know?

Biotin is an essential ingredient for your hair health. It can stimulate keratin production in your hair and can also increase the rate of follicle growth. It is also known to reduce hair fall.


Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry, is a rich source of Vitamin C that helps in improving digestion & metabolism. It is a well-known immunity-booster that fights infections and promotes weight management.


Noni is a small evergreen tree found in India that often grows among lava flows. It helps reduce inflammation in lungs and also has antibacterial and immunity-boosting properties.


A well known Ayurvedic herb, it increases stamina and improves muscle strength. It also has calming properties that may help combat stress.


Ginseng is a prominent Ayurvedic herb known to boost energy levels and fight fatigue. It also supports better protein absorption by muscles.

  • Amla
  • Noni
  • Ashwagandha
  • Ginseng

Why our customers love us?


How To Use

Shake bottle & Dilute 15ml of Hair Care Juice with water (increase to 30ml after 15 days).
Consume Hair Care Juice twice daily, after meals.
Take one heaped scoop (8gm) Biotin Powder and drink with 100ml water.


1. How is the taste of Kapiva Hair Care Juice?
All our juices are made from 100% natural ingredients. We do not add any flavours, sugar, preservatives, etc. to alter the taste of these juices.
2. Are there any added preservatives in Kapiva Hair Care Juice?
Our products are made using natural ingredients and techniques to retain the nutrition and freshness of the products. However, for our juices, we use only 0.3% recommended and safe class 2 preservatives. These preservatives do not alter the nutritional value of our products and are safe to consume.
3. Can I consume Kapiva Hair Care Juice in the morning on an empty stomach?
No, this juice is not recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach.
4. Who can use Kapiva Healthy Hair Biotin Supplement?
Kapiva Healthy Hair Biotin Supplement is safe and recommended across all ages.
5. Is there any specific diet that I need to follow when I consume Kapiva Healthy Hair Biotin Supplement?
No. There is no specific diet as such, you can stick to the balanced diet.
6. When can I expect the desired results from Kapiva Healthy Hair Biotin Supplement?
You have to consistently consume this product for 2-3 months to see the desired results.

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