Kapiva Ayurveda is one of the best Ayurvedic brand I have used. They have good quality products which are highly effective. They are effective in curing various diseases and aliments across all age groups. I was counselled by well-experienced and well-researched Ayurvedic doctors at the store. I wish Kapiva all the very best for their future endeavours.

- Amita S. Gaikwad


Kapiva Ayurveda is very effective and they have very good products. The guidance I received from the doctor at their Mulund clinic was fantastic and the products that were prescribed to me showed results within 20 days.

- Sonam Sathan


I have been using Drakshasava & Avipattikar Churna which has been very effective and has given satisfactory results.

- Harshad Mehta


I was suffering from ulcerative colitis. I was in search of some Ayurvedic medicine that would heal my problem without any side-effect. I found Kapiva’s Bael Sunth Churna and consumed it as prescribed. The product was easy to consume and has been effective in healing curing my ailment.

- Mehul Shah


I have been taking Kapiva’s Artho Sure Juice for a month for joint pains and back pain caused due to arthritis. Kapiva’s Artho Sure juice relieved me from these constant pains and proved to be very effective. I strongly recommend this juice to everyone suffering from constant body aching. Also, the in-house doctors and the staff at Kapiva clinics provide great service to customers.

- Pooja Bhoj


I have been using Kapiva’s Sitopaladi Churna and Cough Safe Syrup for cough and cold and Mahavishgarbha Oil and Tulsi Giloy Juice for joint pains. Kapiva’s products have been effective in relieving me from all sorts of physical problems. Great assistance from in-house doctors at the Kapiva stores is an add-on.

- Tejal Daiya


I have used Kapiva’s Get Slim capsules and Sound Sleep capsules. The results are clearly visible. The products are effective and heal you without any side effects. The step taken by Kapiva to create awareness about the healing properties of Ayurveda prove to be helpful to people of all ages.

- Neeta Dalal


Products by Kapiva Ayurveda are very effective. I have been using their products for all my major and minor diseases.

- Neeta Doshi


I had heard a great deal about the brand from my relatives in Mumbai. I came all the way from Gujarat to visit a Kapiva store to consult with the in-house doctor. The advice and medication provided by the doctor were effective. The products have been extremely effective and my trust in the brand has strengthened.

- Ashwin Desai


Kapiva clinics give personal attention to each customer and charge no consultation fee. The medicines are affordable and effective at the same time. The store is very well organized and the products are neatly arranged.

- Lilavati Desai


I suffered from hair-fall problem. I approached a Kapiva clinic for consultation. They provided me with good medical assistance and the Kapiva product showed visible, positive results.

- Monu Hashmi