Wondering what doshic type you are?

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Knowing your ‘dosha type’ is the building block of your general well-being. It is time to end all curiosity! Figure out your body type by going through the major physical and psychological characteristics of each dosha. 


* strong build
* excellent stamina
* large, soft eyes
* smooth, radiant skin
* thick hair
* sleep soundly and have regular digestion
* if imbalanced, tends to suffer from weight gain, water retention, excessive sleep, asthma, diabetes and/or allergies
* calm, steady, considerate, stable and patient
* not easily provoked, but if angered, does not calm down easily
* honourable and honest
* loyal, forgiving and understanding
* can be lethargic, if not driven by others
* strong memory, and excellent logical analysis
* take time to reach conclusions

Factors that increase Kapha
* exposure to cold
* eating too much sugar or salt, meat, fatty foods, cheese, milk, ice cream, yogurt, fried food
* excessive water intake
* taking naps after meals
* doing nothing and being sedative
* tranquillisers
* doubt, greed and possessiveness
* lack of compassion



* moderately well-developed physique
* muscular limbs
* purposeful, stable gait of medium speed
* loud, strong voice
* precise, convincing speed
* bright red hair, but often suffer from hair thinning and/or baldness
* excellent digestion, which leads them to believe they can eat anything
* warm body temperature
* sleep soundly for short periods of time
* lustrous complexion, perfect digestion, abundant energy and strong appetite when well-balanced
* intellectual and precise disposition
* focused, alert mind
* take decisions and organise affairs very well with a developed sense of responsibility
* argumentative and short-tempered when imbalanced
* tend to display a sense of humour
* possesses selective excellent memory and are fast learners
* precise, sharp-witted, direct and outspoken
* moderately passionate in sexual pursuits
* spend moderately, usually on luxuries

Factors that increase Pita
* exposure to heat
* eating too much red meat, salt, spicy or sour foods
* indigestion and irregularity of meals
* exercising midday
* drugs, especially antibiotics
* too much intellectual work or thinking
* alcohol
* fatigue, anger, hate, fear and over-emotion



* thin, light frame
* very agile
* energy comes in bursts, and moments of fatigue also happen in sudden bouts
* hair is thin, dark, or curly
* eyes are small, narrow or sunken and dark brown or grey in colour
* neck is thin
* nose is small and well-shaped
* love excitement and new experiences
* quickly angered, but forgive quickly, too
* energetic, creative and flexible when well-balanced
* like taking initiative and engaging in lively conversations
* showcase artistic and creative tendencies
* display good imagination
* tend to be dissatisfied with and unable to sustain friendships
* often spending money quickly, including on trivial things
* wonder what they did wrong when they are overwhelmed or stressed

Factors that increase Vata
* exposure to cold
* lack of routine in life
* eating too much dry, frozen or leftover food
* eating food with biter, pungent or astringents taste
* fasting
* excess traveling
* too much or inadequate exercise
* suppressing natural urges
* abdominal surgery
* not oiling the skin


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