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Ayurveda with Malaika

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With Ayurvedic go-to’s, you will always be one step ahead of a sneaking allergy, or a runny nose, sudden high BP or disturbed sleep lurking around.

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What makes Kapiva special?

Your body is the best place to live. So, taking care of it shouldn’t be a difficult thing.


Natural is good

Kapiva ensures that all of their products are natural and organic


Here for your health

Our products are made with the knowledge of ancient Ayurveda & the backing of modern science.


No shortcuts

At Kapiva, our products are sourced straight from farms and plantations, ensuring that our ingredients retain their highest nutritional value.

What your friends are saying?

“Kapiva Digesti Care Juice is my go to post meal drink to keep all digestion issues at bay”


“Kapiva Skin & Hair gummies have been such a saviour for me when I am on-the-go!”


“Delicious Gummies Luscious Hair”


“Kapiva Slim Shake A delicious chocolate shake that helps manage weight!”


Recognized in the media

“Kapiva sets itself apart due to the unique sourcing and manufacturing story of all its products. Its main focus is on quality control and sustainability.”

- Inc42

“Kapiva is helping bring the wisdom of India’s ancient food traditions to modern-day consumers. ”

- Your Story

“Kapiva is rolling out breakfast porridges, gummies, shakes and effervescents promising a daily dose of immunity to users”

- Business Standard

“An omnichannel brand with a presence in 6,000 retail outlets pan India, Kapiva is also available on its own website and on Amazon, Flipkart, BigBasket, Pharmeasy.”

- The Hindu

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    “The doctor was very kind and patient. She considered all my queries and answered them without any hesitation even few were basic. I would recommend to definitely give it a try and follow their prescription for given time period.”


    “Had an interesting and insightful discussion with Dr. Ashwathy. Though being an allopathic doctor, I have great faith in our ancient science. Dr. Ashwathy actually made me reduce the medicines I was taking at a friend's behest, explaining me the action of each content. Would be following with her on my progress.”

    JP. Mehta

    “Dr Manjula P Badiyar is a gem, Very patient, Calm and composed. She listened very attentively and answered one by one every question to my satisfaction. A perfect doctor package.”

    Mudassir Khan

    “I am so glad that the doctor spoke to me and patiently listened to my daily routine. She was really helpful and clearly explained the right kind of diet for me.”

    Fathima Sheikh
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