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Acne Ease Juice - 1 Month Pack

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Solving your Acne problems by treating it from its root causes, Kapiva’s Acne Ease Juice is enriched with Ayurvedic herbs known for healthy skincare, providing the best nourishment & treatment for Acne.

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Solving your Acne problems by treating it from its root causes, Kapiva’s Acne Ease Juice is enriched with Ayurvedic herbs known for healthy skincare, providing the best nourishment & treatment for Acne.

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Are you fed up of processed food, impure ingredients and the lack of quality or authenticity?

We can relate to that.


Kapiva keeps principles of Ayurveda in mind.

Today, while Ayurveda is growing, the idea that Ayurveda is everything from the right lifestyle, the right routine, the right food and finally the right cure, is lost.


  • Blood Purification & Detox.
  • Excess Oil Production Control.
  • Skin Regeneration & Repair.
  • Skin Hydration & Moisturization.

Why this Kapiva product?

  • We source all the herbs used in this juice from locations where they are available in their purest form. Sourced from the Thar desert, Aloe Vera is known for its high medicinal value. Further, we use Rajasthani Neem and fresh turmeric compared to powders.
  • All the herbs are blended in precise quantities and processed in an organic water-based extraction method, as opposed to the chemical extraction process followed in the market.
  • We adhere to all the safety guidelines and manufacture this juice in GMP-certified facilities.
  • We refrain from adding any artificial taste enhancers, sweeteners or refined sugar. We provide you the purest product sourced from the lap of nature.

Founder’s note :

Founded in 2016, Kapiva was born out of the passion and minds of our two founders – Ameve Sharma and Shrey Badhani. From establishing Ayurvedic clinics to understanding the grass root challenges of modern India, our founders strongly believed that modern science can help people practice an Ayurvedic lifestyle better.

Did you know?

Did you know Garcinia peel contains Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) that helps to restrict fat production? It is also responsible for the production of serotonin which can help in suppressing appetite naturally and help you consume less calories without feeling hungry.


Neem has been used in traditional Ayurvedic processes for treating indigestion, supporting improved eyesight, fighting skin disorders using fresh Rajasthani Neem leaves (no dry leaves are used)


A popular Indian staple, turmeric is rich in curcumin, a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties to support strong immunity.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an Ayurvedic herb, very well-known for providing skin benefits. It helps in skin hydration, has anti-inflammatory properties, and boosts overall skin health.


A famous herb for blood detoxification, Manjistha flushes toxins out of the body.

  • Neem
  • Turmeric
  • Aloe Vera
  • Manjistha

Why our customers love us?

How To Use

Shake the bottle before use.
Dilute 30ml Acne Ease Juice in a glass of water
Consume twice daily after meals


1. How is the taste of this juice?
All our juices are made from 100% natural ingredients. We do not add any flavours, sugar, preservatives, etc. to alter the taste of these juices.
2. Can I consume this juice in the morning on an empty stomach?
No, this juice is not recommended to be consumed on an empty stomach.
3. Within how much time, should I finish this juice?
These juices should be consumed within one month of opening the bottle and should be kept in a cool and dry place to gain maximum health benefits.
4. Are there any added preservatives?
Our products are made using natural ingredients and techniques to retain the nutrition and freshness of the products. However, for our juices, we use only 0.3% recommended and safe class 2 preservatives. These preservatives do not alter the nutritional value of our products and are safe to consume.
5. Who can consume this juice?
Anyone above the age of 12 can consume this juice. Is the use instructions the same for consumers across all ages? What should I avoid while consuming this product? Can I consume this product if I have skin problems?

30 Reviews for Acne Ease Juice - 1 Month Pack Add Review

  •   () 5
    Good for pimple skin

    Posted by Mithi on 25th Jan 2022

    Very good product. My daughter is getting less pimples. Neem and haldi is best for pimples

  •   () 5
    Finishing my 2nd bottle

    Posted by Sapna on 19th Jan 2022

    The juice worked really well for my recurring forehead pimples. These have reduced a lot & I am also seeing much lesser new pimples. Taste can be improved but worth it.

  •   () 4
    A good skin enhancer

    Posted by Narendra Kumar on 11th Nov 2021

    It helps in skin repair and reduces acne. It ensures complete skin nourishment and promotes soft and supple skin. It has been proven for natural goodness for the skin and helps fight acne and aids skin repair.

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